The EDC, funded by both public and private investments, offers investors a wide range of benefits and services including business facilitation and advocacy, referrals through the EDC’s Business Expansion and Retention Program, known as the “BEAR Action Network,” and the opportunity to stay connected in the community through EDC events and publications.  Our state-of-the-art website, and mobile website with electronically reported news and features, fosters partnerships and builds relationships among EDC investors, elected officials and community leaders.  EDC departments include Corporate Locations and Business Expansion and Retention.  


CORPORATE LOCATIONS strives to strengthen and expand the EDC’s national and international presence through missions, business referrals and personal connections. 

THE BEAR ACTION NETWORK is a collaborative partnership program featuring a world-class business support matrix that has enhanced the stability and growth of existing businesses, resulting in increased job creation, and increased capital investment.

The EDC continues to be a catalyst of ideas that through collaboration we can put into action.  We will continue to make progress in the economic evolution of the region. The EDC is the “Essential Connection” between businesses and the community.  It is committed to seeing Fresno County prosper.

Invest in the EDC

Investing in the EDC gives you large promotional opportunities to expanding businesses in Fresno County.

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